Ada Adalat

Ada Adalat
Ada is a professional Uyghur Traditional and Arabic Belly Dancer. She started dancing when she was 7 years old. She completed dance major in China Xinjiang Art institute. After graduating, she worked with Xinjiang Uyghur Art Group, Xinjiang Local TV , and CCTV Beijing. Since 1998, she stayed in Beijing and worked with the A Fun Ti art group which is one of the best dance groups in China.
Ada was also an independent dancer. She performed as a special guest, with a special invitation by groups in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Turkey Etc.
Her last dance journey was to Toronto Canada where she was invited twice to perform in the Toronto Chinese New Year festival.(2002, 2003).
After immigrating to Vancouver, Canada(2003) she took belly dance classes from the famous dancer and dance instructor Rahma. She has never stopped dancing since 2003 and continues in restaurants in Vancouver, important festivals, special events and on the big theater stages. ~VRADProfile~

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