• Yoro's Trio
    Sat Jan 28 - 7 PM  
    Yoro's Trio
    join us at Axum this Saturday for some great times with this amazing musicians @dinner with African music ~featured~...more

  • Dean Rath
    Dean Rath
    Dean Rath is a passionate educator who has trained with some of the best drummers in the world, including master drummers Babatunde Olatuji and Malidoma Some.

    Dean combines his training as a jazz drummer and classical percussionist with nearly a decade of experie...more

  • Hari Pal
    Hari Pal
    Best known as a tablas player trained in the North Indian tradition, Hari Pal has crossed the world performing while ever learning new music forms.

    After landing in Canada in 1985, he has conducted several percussion concerts to emphasize intercultural fusion of...more

This Week:

  • Sat Jan 28 - 7 PM  
    Yoro's Trio
    join us at Axum this Saturday for some great times with this amazing musicians @dinner with African music ~featured~
  • Sat Jan 28 - 9 PM  
    Africa Dance
    Join DJ Diallo for this monthly gathering (every last Saturday of each month) as he shares with you the best and the latest vibes from Africa and the Caribbean in Vancouver. – Cost: $10
  • Sun Jan 29 - 5 PM  
    Sunday Spanish Banks Drum Circle
    Location: Spanish Banks Beach ("Anchor" sculpture + Willow trees (last carpark before UBC (University of British Columbia))

  • Sun Jan 29 - 7 PM  
    Winter Community Indoor Drumming/Dance Events
    Hey all, I found a new great location for an indoor drum circle for this cold winter. It is very close to Patterson Skytrain station in Burnaby ( 5 minutes walk to the building location from the Patterson Skytrain station). Please see photos attached. It starts on Nov 13 Sunday from 4:30pm to 8:30pm and $10 per person. Please message me directly to make reservations ahead or feel free to contact me at #7787070720. PS: no smoking, alcohol, weed/drugs inside / outside around the location. The location is very restricted, please help me to follow the rules and keep it organized so I do not get fined .😜 $300 has been paid for damage deposit on my own. It is close to the holiday now so it is a bit difficult to book a good venue like this. I can try to book ahead for the the space for next 3 weeks (3 Sundays) If you would like to commit practicing drumming for 3 Sundays, please you can e-transfer $30 at a the email address below asap and message me once you complete. Thank you and all the best! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🤗 chunhuagong19@gmail.com
    Curtis Andrews
    Curtis Andrews is a percussionist/composer/teacher with global persuasions. A recognized player of most styles of music (African, jazz, Indian, country, rock, free improv) he performs and records with a wide variety of groups and artists.
    His studies have taken him to the villages and metropolises of Ghana, India, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and he has developed a deep knowledge of the history/performance of music from these areas. A leader in his field, he recently released his first album of original music entitled ~VRADProfile~
    Andrea Monteiro
    Andrea Monteiro is a dancer and choreographer from Brazil. She discovered her passion for dancing at an early age, starting ballet at the age of 5 in Sao Paulo. She went on to study acting, voice, and circus performance with Cia Litero Dramatica Martins Pena. She continued to perform solo and with a variety of groups in Brazil, China, Tibet, and Canada. Andrea's high energy, love of dance, and strong audience connection make her a sought after performer of Latin dances such as Samba, Salsa and Forro. She also performs as well as modern dance Hip Hop, Electronic, and Gypsy styles. ~VRADProfile~
  • Tue Jan 31 - 6 PM  
    Brahm's Tam Drum Circle  - 3rd Beach.

    It runs every sunny Tuesday from 5pm until the sun sets.

    A free family event for the love of Rhythm.

    The open sky is the limit as we drum the sun away in Rhythm and Dance. Come after work, bring the kids, the hoola hoops and poi. Bring a picnic and a frisbee and your friends. All are welcome. Extra drums available.

    Who: Brahm's Tams Drum Circle
    What: A free community event to celebrate Rhythm
    Date: Every Tuesday (except in rain)
    Location: 3rd Beach, Stanley Park
    Time: 5:30pm until the sun sets
    Why: In honour of the Tam Tams in Montreal
                  For the love of Rhythm

    All are invited to drum, dance, and connect with community through and for Rhythm

    Thank you,

    Brahm Olszynko
    Facebook: brahms tams

    Ada Adalat
    Ada is a professional Uyghur Traditional and Arabic Belly Dancer. She started dancing when she was 7 years old. She completed dance major in China Xinjiang Art institute. After graduating, she worked with Xinjiang Uyghur Art Group, Xinjiang Local TV , and CCTV Beijing. Since 1998, she stayed in Beijing and worked with the A Fun Ti art group which is one of the best dance groups in China.
    Ada was also an independent dancer. She performed as a special guest, with a special invitation by groups in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Turkey Etc.
    Her last dance journey was to Toronto Canada where she was invited twice to perform in the Toronto Chinese New Year festival.(2002, 2003).
    After immigrating to Vancouver, Canada(2003) she took belly dance classes from the famous dancer and dance instructor Rahma. She has never stopped dancing since 2003 and continues in restaurants in Vancouver, important festivals, special events and on the big theater stages. ~VRADProfile~

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