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    Kocassalé Dioubaté
    Kocassalé Dioubaté is a Guinean of the Mandingo tribe of West Africa. A descendant of the tribe's 'Griots' - traditional storytellers and musicians; the keepers of the tribe's oral history. Kocassalé has been dancing, playing and making music since he was old enough to walk.
    He was named after his grandfather, who was a musician in the very first national troupe of Guinea (Ballet Nationale de Guinée) under the guidance of the great Guinean musician Koca Bangora. From these men, Kocassalé learned to play and build the traditional instruments of their tribe. He honed his drumming skills playing with his father, a percussionist and singer, at ceremonies all over Guinea. Kocassalé started his first group at the age of seven - banging on some pots and pans with friends in the village and now he has gone on to play music professionally all over West Africa. Career highlights to date include playing as Head Drummer for Ballet Kaloum Lolé in Guinea, soloist for Ballet Bougarabou in Senegal, recording with renowned drummer Moussa M'Boum in the Gambia and playing with Senegalese superstar Youssou N'Dour. He has also won awards from the Minister of Culture in Guinea for Dance in 2005 and was named Best Male Artist in 2001. Newly arrived from Africa, Kocassalé hopes to share his roots and spread the rich musical culture of West Africa.
  • Tue Mar 20 - 6 PM  
    Brahm's Tam Drum Circle  - 3rd Beach.
    BRAHM'S TAM DRUM CIRCLE6:00PM Drrrrum Roll Please! Tuesday drum circle’s 5th year begins May 14, 2012! It's our 5th year creating beautiful community spirit. Brahm's tams is starting it's year 5 at 3rd Beach in Stanley Park this Tuesday,May 14, 2012. It runs every sunny Tuesday from 5pm until the sun sets. A free family event for the love of Rhythm. The open sky is the limit as we drum the sun away in Rhythm and Dance. Come after work, bring the kids, the hoola hoops and poi. Bring a picnic and a frisbee and your friends. All are welcome. Extra drums available. Who: Brahm's Tams Drum Circle What: A free community event to celebrate Rhythm Date: Every Tuesday (except in rain) Location: 3rd Beach, Stanley Park Time: 5:30pm until the sun sets Why: In honour of the Tam Tams in Montreal For the love of Rhythm All are invited to drum, dance, and connect with community through and for Rhythm Thank you, Brahm Olszynko Facebook: brahms tams 604-779-8919
  • Fri Mar 23 - 8 PM  
    Boci live music&dance friday to sunday
    Open for lunch Tuesday to Friday 11am to 2pm, Saturday and Sundays lunch only for group parties and banquets. Open for dinner Tuesday to Sunday from 4:30pm till late. Closed on Mondays. Live Music regularly, Friday, Saturday and Sundays and can be provided other nights for special occasions and group functions.

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